The Clockwork City

The Clockwork City Adventure Guide

Elder Scrolls Online has released a comprehensive guide to the upcoming Clockwork City addition.

Sotha Sil’s fantastic mechanical realm will soon be yours to explore with the Clockwork City DLC game pack, free for ESO Plus members and available for purchase in the in-game Crown Store. For more on some of the bizarre and dangerous locations you can experience in this new zone, we’re pleased to present The Clockwork City Adventure Guide!

Clockwork City is filled with mysterious automatons, fantastic sights, and hidden dangers. As you take your first steps into the new zone, don’t miss these exciting locations.

  1. The Brass Fortress
  2. The Mechanical Fundament
  3. The Halls of Regulation
  4. The Shadow Cleft
  5. The Sanctuary of Verification
  6. The Asylum Sanctorium


The “residential” section of the Clockwork City is the only place that both visitors and residents can explore in relative safety. While the rest of the realm is inhospitable or indifferent to humans, Elves, or beast-races, the Brass Fortress is the safe haven of the Clockwork Apostles, and all stranded travelers seek refuge here sooner or later.

Within the Brass Fortress you’ll find traders, crafting stations (including a Transmutation Station), a Wayshrine, and all manner of local inhabitants that may be willing to help or hinder you on your journey. It’s a great first stop for any would-be adventurers.


The maintenance tunnels and subterranean chambers beneath the Brass Fortress contain a mad assortment of clockwork mechanisms and computational contraptions. This dangerous labyrinth is crawling with fabricants and single-minded factotums that won’t hesitate to sanitize the area of organic infestation (read: people). Nevertheless, scavengers from the city still brave the shadowy lower tunnels looking for scrap and clockwork treasures to sell or refurbish.

Exploration is often its own reward. Who knows what you’ll find beneath the fortress? Of course, scavenging is not without risk. Should you choose to brave this area, be ready for anything!


The artificial environment of the Clockwork City must maintain a precarious balance to exist, and it is the Halls of Regulation that maintain its breathable air and potable water. Precisely controlling the humidity, temperature, and wind currents are the sole functions of this facility.

Of course, nothing lasts forever. Time has not been kind to this important utility and it is in dire need of repairs. It’s also overrun with malfunctioning mechanical constructs called factotums. The Halls of Regulation is one of the Clockwork City’s two challenging delves, so why not drop by and see if you can’t provide some assistance?


Evergloam, the Oblivion realm of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal, has manifested a shadowy gateway within the Clockwork City, allowing its denizens access to Sotha Sil’s creation.

The Clockwork Apostles seek brave adventurers willing to investigate this mysterious portal to find one of their lost acolytes. If you’ve explored Daedric realms in the past, this delve should be right up your alley. If you haven’t, now’s your chance!


So long as Sotha Sil exists, he will continue to invent, refine, and improve. His experiments and curious side-projects can be found throughout the Clockwork City. One such experiment created the monstrous war machine, the Imperfect. It’s not precisely known how many versions of this controversial war machine have been churned out by Sotha Sil’s factories over the years, but fortunately, none have yet escaped the confines of the Sanctuary.

The Imperfect is one of Clockwork City’s two world bosses. Don’t try and take it on alone; this mechanical monstrosity improves itself by demolishing any would-be challengers, and it has learned a lot over the centuries.


Half house of healing, half shrine, this isolated area of the Clockwork City serves as a sanitarium for inhabitants driven mad by the strangeness of its artificial environment. It is also the permanent home of three Dunmer Saints that Sotha Sil transformed into immortal machines. The sanity of these fearsome creatures has been eroding ever since.

This new Trial gives you and your group a unique choice. Will you take on each of its three bosses one-by-one? Or will you go straight to the final battle and deal with all three Saints at once? There are unique rewards depending on how difficult you choose to make the encounter, assuming you survive at all!


These are just some of the bizarre and dangerous locations you can visit when you explore the Clockwork City. Experience everything this new zone has to offer when the Clockwork City DLC game pack arrives this fall, free for ESO Plus members or available for purchase in the in-game Crown Store. Are you eager to uncover the secrets of Sotha Sil’s greatest creation? Let us know on Facebookand Twitter @TESOnline!