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The Outfit System allows you to completely tailor the appearance of your gear, regardless of what your character is currently wearing. In this basics guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to create your own custom look!

The Outfit System will be part of the Update 17 base-game patch. This new update will be available free to all ESO players, and it will arrive alongside the new Dragon Bones DLC game pack in February. Customizing your Outfit is a simple process, so get ready to always look your best!

  • The Outfit Station
  • Customizing Outfits
  • Outfit Styles
  • Outfit Slots
  • Additional Questions


Where do I customize my Outfits?

Outfit Stations! With Update 17, all Dye Stations will be upgraded to Outfit Stations. This means any Dye Stations previously found in Tamriel (whether they be in the world or your home) have been converted, and you’ll be able to use them to both dye your gear and create Outfits.

Outfit Stations can usually be found near other crafting stations in most major cities, and they are represented on your map with this icon:

Note that the Outfit Stations within your home will not have their appearance changed.

How do I get started customizing my Outfit?

To get started, simply use the Outfit Station and select “Outfit 1″ from the Select Outfit option. It is possible to get additional Outfits after the first – more on that later in this guide.

Once you have selected the Outfit you wish to customize, the Armor Styles and Weapons Styles options will be available and you can begin!


What can I customize?

Almost everything! When using the Outfit Station, you can change the appearance of the following item slots: Helmets, Chests, Shoulders, Hands, Waist, Legs, Feet, Primary Weapon(s), and Secondary Weapon(s). Note that in order to customize your second weapon set, you should use the weapon swap toggle option.

How do I customize an Outfit?

It’s a little like equipping gear. To customize a specific gear slot, select the slot from under the Armor Styles or Weapon Styles categories to see all of your available options. As you select options for different slots, you’ll see how they’ll look on your character. Note that you are not actually modifying your items, but overriding the appearance of each individual slot.

To help you manage all your available options, you can use the filters to only show Light, Medium, or Heavy items, and you can toggle Show Locked on or off to view or hide styles you don’t currently own. You can also use the Filter By option to filter by specific keywords.

When customizing your character, you are able to preview any of the different Outfit Styles, but you won’t be able to apply them if you don’t own them first.

Once you’re happy with all the different options, select Apply Changes to save your Outfit.

How much does customizing my Outfits cost?

Each unique slot has a specific gold cost to customize based on two key factors:

The size of the slot itself (for example, a new style for your chest slot costs more than hands)
The rarity of the style you’re applying to the slot (for example, it might cost more to apply the Telvanni style than the basic Dark Elf style)
Whether or not you’re also dying the Outfit slot
Gold costs per slot can then range between hundreds or thousands of gold.

When browsing different styles for different slots, you can see the Application Cost in the item tooltip, and once applied, you can see the total cost to Apply Changes at the bottom of the Outfit Station window.

As an alternative to gold, you can buy Outfit Change Tokens from the Crown Store. A single Outfit Change Token covers the cost of an entire Outfit change (not a single slot), regardless of the slots you’re customizing or the rarity of the styles you’re applying. If you’re using an Outfit Change Token, be sure to make the most out of it!

You can find Outfit Change Tokens under the Outfit Tokens category within the Crown Store Crafting section.

Do styles have to match the items?

Not exactly! For the most part, you can customize your appearance regardless of the type of item you are wearing. For example, this means you can make your heavy gear look like it is light, or your sword look like an axe. However, there is one restriction: you cannot make a weapon or gear type look like another.

You can’t make your bow look like a two-handed sword, and you can’t – as hilarious as it would be – make your helm look like a boot!

What are Outfit Styles and how do I learn them?

In order to create a new Outfit, you must know Outfit Styles. These are learned through the various Motifs that all of your characters on your account have unlocked. To get new Outfit Styles, learn new Motifs!

This means that when creating an Outfit for one character, you can use the style of Motif that another one of your characters knows. This is because with Update 17, all known Motifs are transferred to a new Collections type, called Outfit Styles. You can view and preview your currently known Outfit Styles by navigating to your Collections UI and selecting the Outfit Styles option.

To ensure all your known Motifs are added to your Collections, you should ensure you have logged in with each of your characters at least once after Update 17 launches (so that their known Motifs are transferred.)

How do I get more Outfits Slots?

If you want to be able to have more than one custom Outfit available at any one time, you can acquire additional Outfit Slots from the in-game Crown Store.

You can find additional Outfit Slots within the Crafting section, and you can have up to 10 Outfit Slots on any one character. Note that new Outfit Slots are not shared with the other characters on your account.

Can I dye my Outfits?

Yes! You are able to dye your Outfit slots like any other gear or costume. To dye your Outfits, select the Dyes category from the Outfit Station, select from your available colors, and apply the dyes to each unique slot. Once complete, you can save your changes by selecting Apply Changes.

Note that when dying Outfits, there is a small gold cost per slot. There is no cost to dye regular gear (as always) and you still require ESO Plus membership in order to dye any costumes.

With the Outfit System, you can even dye your weapons, and there is a new set of dyes called “Materials” that are based off the traditional armor rank colors.

How do I hide my hat now?

When customizing your Outfit, you can enable the Hide Helmet option within the Outfit Station for each unique Outfit. The option can be found above all your available styles. This option is no longer available in your Settings.

Hide your helmet in Collections 

You can also hide your hat by using the Hide Your Helm option in your Collections UI. You can find it under Hats in the Appearance category.

What about my ability to convert to Imperial or Morag Tong styles?

These styles have been added to your Outfit Styles and can be applied at the Outfit Station. Note that you do not have to pay to apply these styles like you would when typically crafting an Outfit. You’ll notice that their application cost is “0″.

Can I change my outfit on the fly?

Yes! You can change your current Outfit (or turn it on or off) from the Outfit Styles section of your Collections UI menu or from your Character UI menu.

Remember: You can only create and customize Outfits at the Outfit Station.


With the Outfit System, you’re able to give your champion the custom look you’ve always dreamed of. We can’t wait to see all the creative designs that the ESO community comes up with. If you’ve got a style that is uniquely yours, share it with us on Twitter @TESOnline or Facebook!

The Outfit System will be available for all ESO players as part of Update 17 this February.