Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 offers the best large scale open world pvp in years. For fans of large scale world pvp Guild Wars 2 is arguably the best game on the market. Guild Wars 2 offers some of the best pvp content of any mmorpgs we have played. World versus World, structured and arena tournament pvp will all be present at launch. Not surprisingly Ruin’s focus will remain pvp.

Ruin predicts Guild Wars 2 will do extremely well due too its excellent production values and innovative game play.


  • Isle of Janthir North America
  • Blackgate North America

ArenaNet’s MMO Manifesto

Guild Wars 2 Design Manifesto

Arenanet has invested a great deal of thought into how to improve upon the World of Warcraft model.

Guild Wars 2 does not employ the standard level and gear progression, instead employing dynamic world events (essentially public questing from Warhammer) and a form of bolstered world pvp in which players of any level can compete and have similar base stats and only be limited by their weapon and class skills.