High Isle Legacy of the Bretons

Last week’s Global Reveal was chock-full of exciting updates, giveaways, and more. Missed the show? Catch up on ESO’s biggest announcement of the year right here!

At last, the destination of the upcoming ESO Chapter has been revealed: High Isle. Check out the full CGI trailer below, showcasing the majesty of the Bretons’ idyllic ocean enclave as well as the dangerous forces that dwell just beneath the surface.

During the Global Reveal Livestream, we disclosed additional information regarding what you can expect from the High Isle Chapter, including the new zone, storyline, companions, and collectible card game system, Tales of Tribute.

To get the full breakdown on these exciting new features, watch the VOD of the ESO 2022 Global Reveal here:

But the reveals don’t stop there! After the stream concluded, our Community Managers Gina Bruno and Jess Folsom sat down with ZeniMax Online Studios Lead Encounter Designer Mike Finnigan to discuss what players can expect from the latest ESO DLC, Ascending Tide, and Update 33. Check out that post-show livestream below:

Additionally, our awesome ESO Community Managers from across the globe hosted their own recap livestreams with fun guests and exclusive giveaways. Click here to get a complete list of our official recap shows and where to find them.

High Isle arrives June 6 for PC/Mac and Stadia*, and June 21 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but you can pre-purchase the upcoming chapter RIGHT NOW by clicking here!

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