Play Tera for FREE! TGN Giveaway Contest

Get ready to be Tera-rized! TGN teams up with Tera to create a video contest to help YOU discover Tera. TGN’s CEO discusses how to play Tera for free!

Play Tera – FREE to try!

Partner with TGN!

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TGN teamed up with Tera to give you free Tera swag!

The contest is simple: Create your best Tera videos on your personal channel and leave them as a video response to this video:–jeYnmNkGU

TGN and Tera will pick the winners based on three factors:

(1) Excitement – How entertaining your video is!
(2) Education – How much your video helps others learn about Tera
(3) Relevance – How current your video is (eg: videos from Tera Beta are not so relevant)

The contest and prizes will be officially announced soon, but any videos submitted now will be entered into the contest.

Go Tera!

All music is from the game Tera, used with permission from En Masse and Bluehole Studio.