Camelot Unchained

Camelot Unchained

This is the third and final teaser from City State Entertainment, unveiling Camelot Unchained!

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Reddit Coverege:

Its no secret that our Guild community Ruin Gaming are huge fans of realm versus realm pvp. We support the development and advancement of true massive multiplayer player versus player games. Mark Jacobs is trying to create a large scale world pvp game that actually works.

Camelot Unchained: Epic Real-time Battles

Here is an early test of large numbers of player models interacting:

Here’s an update to yesterday’s in-engine demo of Camelot Unchained, showing the tech running at higher resolution and with twice the characters! T

Camelot Unchained: Building Update!

Introducing our housing, building, and construction system! There are cells made out cells; it’s cells all the way down! Mark explains about blueprints, resources, construction, destruction, and how they all fit into the battle for territories and resources

Camelot Unchained: Building/Housing/Construction DEMO TWO

Programmer Tim Mills shows off the second working prototype of our in-game player-driven building system, with better graphics and the use of prefabs. Another video on how player construction fits into the larger picture of battles and economics is at