Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the Ruin Community!


A variety of Holiday events are available throughout the games we play. Event guides and resources are provided below! Enjoy and have fun!

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Celebrate the end of another fantastic year in The Elder Scrolls Online with the New Life Festival. This merry event returns with a host of fun quests and festive holiday rewards for all. Find out below how you can celebrate New Life with us and earn free XP-boosting collectibles, acquire style materials and pages, unlock unique furnishings, and more!

The New Life Festival celebrates the death of the old year, and the birth of the new, so it’s a holiday of hope and new beginnings. It also marks the Winter Solstice, when Magnus the Sun begins his return, and the days once more start to grow longer.


The New Life Festival begins at 10:00AM EST on Thursday, December 14 and will run until 10:00AM EST on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. In order to join the festivities, acquire the free New Life Festival Scroll from the Crown Store. Use the scroll to find the New Life Herald Breda in a tent just south of Windhelm, Eastmarch. She will give you the initial quest, “The New Life Festival”, which will unlock a series of nine uniquely festive daily quests.

If you are having trouble traveling to Windhelm, you can take a boat or cart from the Alik’r Desert or Malabal Tor, travel by road from The Rift, or teleport to a fellow player or guildmate that’s already in the area.

Each daily quest has you travel to a specific location to participate in the local traditions of each of Tamriel’s nine races.

The first time you complete a New Life Festival quest, you’ll unlock the Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug collectible. This mug doesn’t only provide a nice swig of ale, but it also confers a two-hour 100% XP boost on your character! This XP boost will stack with any other XP bonuses your character might currently be enjoying (such as those from scrolls or ESO Plus membership).

World of Warcraft: Legion Feast of Winter Veil

Raise your spirits by stepping into one of the Giant Snow Globes* found outside the Ironforge Bank, in Orgrimmar overlooking the Valley of Wisdom, or in the Broken Isles in Dalaran. You’ll take on the semblance of the true holiday spirit as one of Greatfather Winter’s helpers. Make sure you do a little /dance to share the joy with all around you.**

If you’re out and about in the Broken Isles and looking to add a hat or two to your collection, then you’re in luck! Defeat Krosus in the Nighthold, Talixae Flamewreath in the Court of Stars, or Saprish in the Seat of the Triumvirate for a Finely-Tailored Red Holiday Hat. Defeat Varimathras in Antorus, the Burning Throne; Illysanna Ravencrest in Black Rook Hold; or King Deepbeard in Eye of Azsuna for a Finely-Tailored Green Holiday Hat.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Life Day


“A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE” MISSION: Celebrate Life Day with three weeks of snowball fights! Every snowball you throw during the Life Day Event has a chance to award you with a Snow-Covered Parcel. Collect and exchange your Snow-Covered Parcels for festive rewards at the “Master of Ceremonies” located in the Galactic Trade Market sector in the Imperial and Republic fleets. Snowball Bombs and Fireworks can be purchased for credits from the Master of Ceremonies. Watch out for those snowballs! – Bioware


“PARCEL DROID” MISSION: Parcel Droids have been appearing on Dromund Kaas, Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa. Find one for a chance to get one of three new Life Day Holo-Trees. But be warned! Some of these Parcel Droids are overheating and will attack anyone who gets close. Cool them off by hitting them with a Life Day Snowball Bomb available from the Master of Ceremonies on the fleet – you just might become a “Holiday Hero!” FEATURED REWARDS:

A guide to Life Day 2017 and Sixth Year Anniversary running from Dec 12 to Jan 16 2018.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Wintersday

Wintersday is an annual special event which celebrates the Tyrian New Year according to the Mouvelian calendar and Dynastic Reckoning. It is the celebration of the end of the Season of the Colossus and the beginning of the Season of the Zephyr. During Wintersday, snow covers the lands and the Snowmen and Grentches appear to spread their versions of the celebration across the land, through giving and destroying presents respectively.

Happy Wintersday from the Black Lion Trading Company!

Starting December 12, 2017

Bells are ringing, snowballs are flying, and Toymaster Tixx’s fantastic golem-shaped airship is hovering over Divinity’s Reach—the traditional Tyrian celebration of Wintersday is here again! Celebrate the holiday with us through January 2.

The Wondrous Workshop

Rebellious toys and sneaky skritt are threatening the workflow inside Tixx’s Infinirarium. Enter the workshop to put an end to the chaos—and bring your friends!

Wintersday Fun

Leap from snowflake to snowflake in the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, join the Bell Choir to ring in the season, use strategy to defend gift-bearing dolyaks in Toypocalypse, and store up precious presents in Snowball Mayhem.

Toys and Treasures

Earn a sleigh load of rewards by participating in the festivities, spreading Wintersday cheer, opening gifts, and giving presents to orphans around Divinity’s Reach.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris The Dawning

Happy Dawning to All! 

  • The Dawning begins on Tuesday, December 19.
  • The Dawning ends on Tuesday, January 9.
It may be cold outside, but there’s a warmth in the air. As the year comes to an end, the Tower and Farm are decorated with festive cheer. It’s a time to celebrate your Light.

“The Traveler is awake. For Humanity, a new Golden Age has begun. This year’s Dawning is unlike any other—it’s not just the renewal that a new year brings, but the dawn of something greater. Now more than ever, we must gather together in the Tower, at the Farm, and all across the system to give thanks. Our Light has returned—and it illuminates everything around us.”

—Ikora Rey, Warlock Vanguard

Snowball Fights

Guardians aren’t just arming themselves with weapons. There are snowball piles everywhere you look. In the Tower and at the Farm, you can tag your friends for bragging rights. In Strikes, you can blast an enemy with a snowball to stun them and deal big damage. Stay frosty out there.

Gifting and Receiving

Pick up a Dawning Gift Schematic from the Bazaar. Venture to other worlds and craft a unique gift for the vendors and agents you find in the Tower and beyond. Then, give the lucky recipient their gift and receive a gift in return. You can participate in the season of giving every day of the event.