World of Warcraft Update

Weekly Guild Meeting – 7 PM Pacific Coast Time

World of Warcraft will be implementing an additional battleground in patch 5.3 Deepwind Gorge. There is still no word regarding additional improvements and updates to World PvP objectives or expansion of the Krasarang dailies area.


World PvP remains our focus as an organization. Ruin continues to encourage structured rated battlegrounds and arenas despite the fact that Kil’Jaeden is no longer a center for “high end” ranked play. Ruin encourages Horde guilds on Kil’Jaeden to become more active in world pvp once again. Ruin originally joined the Kil’Jaeden server due to high server population and strong reputation for strong Horde pvp guilds.

I would like to personally recognize the efforts of Horde guilds over the last several weeks to bring back world pvp.

Horde pvp guilds have been making a greater effort to show up and provide Alliance players some of the world pvp experience that the Kil’Jaeden server is known for.

Ruin Blizzcon 2013

Once again Ruin Gaming will have a presence at Blizzcon we expect to host another guild dinner and will discuss a Disneyland and California Adventure event.

Ticket Buying Tips and Information

BlizzCon 2013 will take place November 8 and 9 at the Anaheim Convention Center, and tickets cost $175 USD each. Tickets to the BlizzCon Benefit Dinner cost $500 USD each and include BlizzCon admission. Even if you can’t join us at BlizzCon in person, in-depth coverage will be available at home through the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket; further details will be announced at a later date.


Ruin has always prided itself on picking out the most obnoxious “big fish in a small pond” guilds to provide them with a healthy serving of humble pie. At Ruin Gaming we have always enjoyed toying with overly loud and self important organizations that proclaim themselves the pinnacle of all things pvp. Throughout our many years of competing across different games and regions we have found that World of Warcraft has a conspicuous abundance of these guilds.

The Kil’Jaeden server is certainly no exception to this rule.

Certain, unnamed Horde pvp guilds regularly resort to demanding small group pvp matches in order to “prove” their skill after enduring a humiliating defeat. Perpetuating the idea that Ruin only wins due to our superior numbers, coordination, communication, infrastructure suave uniforms and James Bond style gadgets and not because of our individual or group skill. Horde guilds often attempt to dismiss larger scale world pvp as merely a numbers game. On the Kil’Jaeden server Horde outnumber Alliance by a two to one margin, clearly they should be winning.

A former Horde convert and now veteran Ruin member: Psyops has taken it upon himself to prove that these unnamed Horde guilds are equally incompetent in small scale tactical ranked play. To this end he has created a team of Ruin members and friends of the organization on and off of Kil’Jaeden. Horde guilds immediately resorted to ‘queue dodging’ in order to avoid a humiliating run in with #TeamRuinous which would force them to come face to face with the simple reality that even the most “elite”Kil’Jaeden teams are at best mediocre on more competitive pvp focused servers.

The reality is Kil’Jaeden is only on the “pvp map” due to world pvp. There are literally no legitimate high ranked arena and RBG teams whatsoever. Ruin established a branch on Kel’Thuzad for this very reason. We would like to continue to remind everyone playing on Kil’Jaeden to keep the pvp fun and entertaining.