Best of E3 2011

Best of E3 2011

Our Gaming Community eagerly awaited E3 2011. Our ventrilo server had over one hundred players watching the E3 livestream. Subsequent discussion and polling on our website has produced the following awards from E3. There has been a great deal of hype and excitement surrounding many of these games and though there were some disappointing trailers and games offered at E3 many of the major titles delivered strong performances and were particularly well received by our gaming community.  Those games that blew away their competition are listed below for your viewing pleasure.

The production value of many of these games is nothing less than superb. The videos speak for themselves. Watch and enjoy. If you are interested in joining us in any of these games please contact us on

Best MMORPG: Star Wars The Old Republic:

Best Trailer: SWTOR “Return”

Best Gameplay Mass Effect 3

Best RPG: Skyrim

Best FPS: Battlefield 3

Most Anticipated: Dust 514