Overwatch Season Two


Overwatch Season 2 begins on 0.02.2016

Welcome to Season 2 of Competitive Play

Season 2 changes: 

Overwatch Season Two has begun! Ruin Gaming provides a comprehensive listing of changes courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment, covering the many new features of this season of competitive play.  In an effort to encourage consistent player progression throughout the season Blizzard has implemented a Skill Rating System as well as Skill Tiers used for group finding. New Game Mode Changes as well as requirements to join the ranks of the Top 500!

Official Blizzard Overwatch Season 2 Announcement


Skill Rating System Update

Skill ratings tiers have changed from 100 point scale to an incremental 1-1500 rating system. Providing a more precise scale for assessing player progression on a match by match basis. The new rating system is used as the basis of group formation in order to ensure that players of similar skill levels are able to compete with one another. Activity restrictions for the higher Master and Grandmaster tiers are now in place to maintain rating above 3000.


Skill Rating Decay

Players with a skill rating of 3000 and above will now need to play at least once a week in order to maintain their rating. Every day beyond a week of inactivity will incur a 50 point penalty, eventually reducing rating to 3000. Playing a match will stop rating decay.


Skill Tiers

Season 2 introduces an incremental 1500 point tier system. Each tier has its own icon. Players progress through skill tiers up to the Diamond tier, after which it is possible to fall back from the Master and Grandmaster tiers to Diamon tier. The objective remains to provide a more precise system for gauging player progression and individual player skill.

In season 1, skill rating became a central part of nearly every conversation about Competitive Play. Because skill rating was the only gauge players had for their relative performance, and because the number constantly fluctuated throughout the season, changes in value could be frustrating. We didn’t intend for competitive players to focus on that one number, and so this season, we’re introducing seven discrete skill tiers. Depending on their skill rating, players will fall into one of these tiers, but climbing into the next tier is possible as you improve. – Blizzard

Bronze 1-1499 rating

Silver 1500-1999

Gold 2000-2499

Platinum 2500-2999

Diamond 3000-3499

Master 3500-3999

Grandmaster 4000+

Unique Icons for Each Tier

In season 2 skill tier icons will be visible on player names. Further details regarding skill ratings are available through the Competitive Play menu under “Information”.





In order to ensure a competitive and more fair play environment in season two, players will now be matched by skill rating. Players are matched with others of their skill level, with the skill rating range being narrowed as tiers progress:

In most tiers, players will be unable to group if they have a skill rating difference of more than 1000 from their potential group mates. However, in the Master and Grandmaster tiers, the difference will need to be less than 500, and players who are Diamond-tier or above cannot group with someone who is completing their placement matches. – Blizzard



Ssn02-BlogSectionBar-GameModes_OW_JP.pngGame Mode Changes

Additional Information Available on the Overwatch Forums

  • Sudden Death removed for season 2.
  • Match time reduced by 60 seconds.
  • Time Bank system from Assault maps now in Escort – Escort Assault Maps.

Time Bank Changes:

Throughout the match, the game keeps track of how much time each team has left on the clock. When a competitive match is tied after both teams have played one round on offense and one on defense, a new attack/defend rotation will be played using the time bank system. The amount of time that each team will have for the second round depends on how much time was left on the clock at the end of their previous round.

When the second round is initiated, teams with less than 60 seconds remaining will have their time increased to 60 seconds, and an equal amount of time will always be added to the opposing team’s clock. Also, on Assault and Assault/Escort maps, it’s possible for the match to end in a draw if both teams are tied when the clock expires. – Blizzard





Competitive Point System

  • Match wins award 10 points.
  • Golden weapon costs increased from 300 to 3000.
  • Season Soft Cap of 6,000 – points beyond this cap will provide end of season rewards.




Top 500 system changes

  • Minimum of 50 games played for Top 500 eligibility.
  • Activity must be maintained throughout the season.
  • Minimum of one match per week to remain in the Top 500.

The Top 500 system is also undergoing a little refinement. In season 2, players will need to play at least 50 games to be eligible for a spot in the Top 500, and they’ll also need to remain active throughout the season if they want to hold on to their spot. Anyone who hasn’t played a competitive match within  seven days will automatically drop out of the Top 500. – Blizzard




In an effort to deter players from leaving games in progress Blizzard has implemented the following penalties:

Throughout the first season, one of the biggest pieces of feedback that we received had to do with people leaving during competitive games. Leaving is something that we want to actively discourage, and we’re rethinking the penalties that occur when someone leaves a competitive match. – Blizzard

Penalties for leaving competitive games:

  • 10 – minute penalty for those who leave a match in progress. During this period players will be unable to join another match.
  • Those who leave matches in progress will be required to complete additional matches without leaving before their account is returned to good standing.


Ssn02-BlogSectionBar-LetTheBattleBegin_OW_JP.pngSeason Two is now live!