Star Wars: The Old Republic – Jedi Consular Class Video

Bioware releases a trailer for the Consular Jedi class. “Jedi Consulars channel the power of the Force for Strength in combat and wisdom in diplomacy.”

The Consular is a force wielder class with two advanced classes: The Sage and the Shadow.

The Sage

The Sage has a healing and ranged dps advanced tree specialization. This class invokes the Arch Mage from Warhammer online, and consider Bioware’s partnership with Mythic there will undoubtedly be some similarities.

The Shadow

The Shadow has a melee dps advanced class specialization. This specialization is most similar to a combat rogue from world of Warcraft. Or a witch hunter from Warhammer Online. The shadow also has a melee tank advanced class specialization, similar to a paladin from World of Warcraft.