Guild Dreadnaught Complete

Ruin Gaming has completed our guild Harrower Star Dreadnaught! This major project involved major contributions made by hundreds of guild members, the conquest of dozens of planets for critical resources.  Ruin Gaming achieved the first fully one hundred percent complete Star Dreadnaught on the Bastion Sith Server! Our campaign of galactic conquest continues.


We are currently preparing for the Darth Revan content. We expect significant additions to the Stronghold system as well as an expanded planetary conquest system!

DarkPopulous gives us a small tour of the current state of the guild capital ship on swtor. — Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/ruintv

RuinGaming returns to SWTOR | Guild trailer | Patch 3.0

RuinGaming returns to star wars the old republic 2 years after their victory over daramactire on illum and Hoth.

We have a fully unlocked guild capital ship along side having a few guild strongholds on planets such as Drummond kass and Tatooine.

We are fully focused on planetary conquest and any world pvp that we happen to come across in swtor. Our guild roster is usually full at 500 players with 40-60 players online contently.

If you want to join us feel free to whisper an officer in game on the Bastion US server, or come visit us at www.ruinnation.com

We are currently building our pve department to get as many player through the content. We hope to be able to run Dread palace nightmare and anything below before patch 3.0 so we can go through the experience of fighting against Darth Revan when the patch goes live.