Star Wars: The Old Republic – Dark vs Light Event

Dark vs. Light Event and Rewards Blog

Source: Bioware 06.23.2016

The Dark vs. Light Event goes live on June 28th! Joining the event is easy, quick, and fun; simply create a new Level 1 character, on or after June 28th. A character participating in the event will look like this on the character select screen.

Once you have your Dark vs. Light character, playing through the event is a great way to explore the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ galaxy. The event rewards and objectives are built into six levels. As you complete each level’s objectives, you will earn amazing rewards including titles, mounts, armor sets, and Force-Bound Dark vs. Light packs.

One special reward will help in progressing your journey through the event. The Victorious Pioneer’s Armor set will provide an amazing 50% Experience Boost when you are wearing the complete set! You will earn the set in three parts, from Legacy Level through Champion Level. Check later in this blog for all of the details on how to unlock the Victorious Pioneer’s Armor set.

For details on completing the objectives in each level, please visit that level’s guide by clicking the link below:

Heroic Level
Legacy Level
Valiant Level
Champion Level
Eternal Level
Legendary Level

One of the big parts of the event is the dark and light decisions that players make throughout the game. We will be tracking each decision made across the galaxy during the event. By the end, players can earn either the Merciless Darth Hexid Companion or the Valiant Master Ranos Companion – depending if the majority of choices were light side or dark side. Note, that only dark and light decisions made during conversations count towards this total.
Before we get into the detailed breakdown, let’s highlight some of the standout rewards you will be earning during the event.

Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs
These packs are “best of” packs that are themed around the dark and light sides. Each pack contains two slots. One slot is a “best of” Dark vs. Light item, and the other slot will contain either a Companion Gift or an Experience Boost. Below are just a few examples of what items can be found in the pack:

  • Tulak Hord’s Armor Set
  • Satele Shan’s Armor Set
  • Revan Reborn’s Armor Set
  • Black/Black and White/White Dye
  • MSM J-37 Jetpack
  • Volatile Conqueror’s Lightsaber
  • Cathar Honor Sword
  • Unstable Arbiter’s Lightsaber
  • Two new Weapon Tunings, Dark-attuned and Light-attuned
  • And more!

A few extra details on the packs -the armor sets come in three separate boxes, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Supplementary. Each item that you earn from a Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Pack is Bind on Pickup, so they cannot be sold. However, these items do unlock in collections similar to other pack items.

Victorious Pioneer’s Armor Set
As mentioned before, this armor set is an entirely new type of armor set. If you manage to complete the entire set, you will earn 50% bonus experience boost while wearing it. Unlocking the entire set will require you to complete up to Champion Level. You earn the following pieces at the following Levels:

  • Legacy Level: Helm, Chest, Legs (25% bonus experience)
  • Valiant Level: Belt, Bracer (+15% bonus experience / 40% total)
  • Champion Level: Gloves, Boots (+10% bonus experience / 50% total)

The armor set is a moddable set which can be worn at level 1 and is bound to legacy! That means once you have unlocked the set you can freely move it to other characters in your legacy to help them level faster than ever, allowing you to move even faster through the event.

Darth Hexid and Master Ranos
These two new Companions are embedded into the core of the Dark vs. Light event. As event characters are making dark and light decisions, they are tilting the scales towards Hexis or Ranos – ultimately determining which Companion players can earn at the conclusion of the event.

All Rewards, and Their Delivery
The most important part of any event is when you get your rewards! Let’s review each individual Level, what their rewards are and when you can expect to receive them. Similar to a PvP Ranked Season, many of the rewards are going to come at the end of the event. When reviewing the list below, any reward that is noted with * you will receive at the end of the event later this fall. All other rewards you will earn as soon as you complete the Dark vs. Light level to which the reward is attached.

Heroic Level

  • 5 Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs
  • In-Game Title: “The Heroic Victor”

Legacy Level

  • Shade Stalker Runt Mini-pet*
  • Victorious Pioneer’s Armor: Helm, Chest, Legs
  • 10 Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs
  • In Game Title: “The Destined Victor”

Valiant Level

  • Victorious Trailblazer’s Bike Mount*
  • Victorious Pioneer’s Armor: Belt, Bracer
  • 10 Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs
  • In Game Title: “The Valiant Victor”

Champion Level

  • Victorious Trailblazer’s Armor Set*
  • Victorious Pioneer’s Armor: Gloves, Boots
  • 15 Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs
  • In Game Title: “The Champion Victor”

Eternal Level

  • Darth Hexid or Master Ranos Companion*
  • 15 Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs
  • In Game Title: “The Eternal Victor”

Legendary Level

  • Victor’s Titan Turret Tank Mount*
  • Victorious Titan’s Armor Set*
  • 30 Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs
  • In Game Title: “The Legendary Victor”

As you can see the event offers you a wide array of amazing rewards. Once the event starts on June 28th be sure to make a new character and start your dark vs. light adventure!