Star Wars: The Old Republic – Update 1.3 Preview

SWTOR 1.3 Update!

Game Director James Ohlen shows off the group finder and more upcoming content in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Game Update 1.3: Allies is on Public Test Server!

Game Update 1.3: Allies is on the horizon and promises to bring a number of welcomed systems to Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. With this latest game update, players will be able to join each other to take on the most challenging content in the game through the new Group Finder tool. The Group Finder tool will allow players to search for groups based on the type of content they’re looking to play, as well as their group’s needs in combat.

The Legacy System has been expanded in Game Update 1.3 with all-new Character Perks. These perks, which are unlocked as you increase your Legacy level, provide a wide-range of bonuses for your character. Among these are Advancement Perks, which allow you to gain additional experience from taking part in Flashpoints, Warzones, or Space Missions. Other Advancement Perks offer you the chance to earn bonus experience from exploring the galaxy and progressing along your personal Star Wars™ saga.

Character Perks also go beyond earning experience points, allowing you the chance to unlock the ability to pilot speeders as early as level 10, or reassign your skill points from any location in the galaxy. There are also several Companion-based Perks which increase their affection and improve their crafting abilities!

You will also be able to join with your friends and confront the most perilous dangers in the galaxy, all while dressed in your best formal attire or pilot uniform! Game Update 1.3 brings Adaptive Gear to The Old Republic, allowing you to use your social gear in place of your combat gear, complete with the ability to add powerful armor modifications.

These updates are now live on the Public Test Server so if you’re currently a player, we encourage you to check it out and give us your feedback! Be sure to visit the Star Wars: The Old Republic Test Center to learn more. You can also take a look at many of the new features coming in Game Update 1.3: Allies by visiting


You will be able to see all of the additions and other changes coming in Game Update 1.3 for yourself when the Game Update 1.3 Patch Notes are published on our Community Blog once the game update goes live.