Star Wars: The Old Republic – Fame and Fortune Launch Trailer

Fame and Fortune Launch Trailer

Make your mark in the newest 8v8 ‘Sky Shredder’ Huttball Warzone in Game Update: Fame and Fortune – now live in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

Giradda the Hutt invites you to compete in the 8v8 spectator sport of Huttball on the giant gas planet of Vandin!

Set in an abandoned industrial complex above a large ravine, the new ‘Sky Shredder’ Warzone pits two cross-faction teams of eight, the Frog-Dogs and Rotworms, in a ruthless battle for fame and fortune. Your team’s mission is simple. Grab the ball, throw the ball and work together to take it over the opposing team’s line to score points. At every turn, you’ll have to watch out for deadly pillars of acid fire, electric shock traps and poison gas.

Let’s play Huttball!

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