Battle at the Shrine of Two Moons!


Massive 300 player battle at the Shrine of Two Moons!

Fighting on Darkspear has reached unprecedented levels! Swifty, Sodapoppin and Chinglish as well as raid groups from Iron Alliance formed a large force to attack the Horde at the Shrine of Two Moons.

Despite the sheer size of the Alliance attacking force the United Darkspear Horde was victorious. The United Horde, consisting of Ruin Gaming, PreparedWoW  and all other Horde present at the Shrine, were able to hold back the Alliance assault and ultimately wipe them out completely following a server crash.

We look forward to future large scale engagements against the Alliance on Darkspear. This event would not have been possible without participation from some of the larger Twitch streaming personalities and their fan communities! Thank you to all those who made this memorable battle possible.

Iron Alliance Destroyed

Darkspear Alliance is now home to several new World PvP focused guilds including the Iron and Steel Alliance.  These guilds have taken full advantage of the Alliance population advantage to organize frequent multi-raid group fights in the open world.

Sadly the Iron Alliance was unable to mount a defense of Stormwind, their capital city, during their guild meeting. Ruin raid groups and PreparedWoW  ransacked the city around them while most of the Iron Alliance either refused to fight or fled.