Flying in Draenor!

World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.2

Flying has been enabled on Draenor for characters that have attained the account-wide achievement, Draenor Pathfinder.
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Draenor Pathfinder: Prepare for Flying

PvP Mercenary Mode

Players are now able to act as a mercenary for the opposite faction in PvP whenever your faction is experiencing a long wait time to get into Ashran or unrated Battlegrounds. Agents of the enemy faction will appear at your base in Ashran (Stormshield for the Alliance, Warspear for the Horde) and allow you to enter Ashran or Battlegrounds disguised as an enemy player, and actually fight as the opposite faction.

While competing as a mercenary, players will automatically have their race changed into one appropriate for the opposite faction. Players will still be able to earn all the same rewards as winning or losing as their original faction (with the exception of faction-specific achievements).

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New Timewalking Rewards

      • Players now receive a Timewarped Badge when they complete a Timewalking dungeon. These badges can be redeemed at new vendors that appear during a Timewalking bonus event. The new vendors sell new toys, new mounts, heirloom and reputation tokens, in addition to gear that scales up to the character’s level at the time of purchase.

Timewalking Loot Changes

      • Timewalking bosses who had unusual drops, such as Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake, now have a chance to drop those items when defeated while Timewalking.

Hellfire Citadel

      • Fixed an issue where players are not added back to the threat list after dropping out of combat and accepting a battle resurrection.
      • Fixed an issue where Hellfire Assault: Spoils of the Assault chest could incorrectly appear to be already open.
      • Fixed an issue where Tyrant Velhari could not be clicked on if there is an Ancient Enforcer, Ancient Harbinger, or Ancient Sovereign near her.

Dungeon Finder Changes

      • Completing additional Random Warlords of Draenor Heroic dungeon after the first one now awards 50 Garrison Resources (up from 0).



      • Ashran now has a deserter mechanic. Upon entering, players receive a 5-minute buff called Ashran Tour of Duty. If the player leaves an Ashran match before this buff expires, a 10-minute debuff called Recreant will be applied that prevents entry into another Ashran match.


 Legendary Ring Quest Line

      • New weekly quests have been added to help players catch-up in earlier stages of the Legendary Ring Quest Line for Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry.

Events and World Environment

Bonus Events

      • Bonus Events now begin earlier in the week on Wednesday. End date remains the same so there’s now more time to complete the bonus event! Check the in-game calendar for new start times of each bonus event.

In-Game World Events

      • A number of improvements and new additions have been made to the Hallow’s End and Feast of Winter Veil world events.


      • Interior of the Armory at Stormshield should now be correctly furnished.
      • Removed a stack of objects floating outside of the Armory at Stormshield.

Frostfire Ridge

      • Cartographers have been notified and corrected a spelling error on the world map.

Creatures, and NPCs

Tanaan Jungle

      • Behind the doors of the outdoors version of Hellfire Citadel awaits a new rare elite with a special drop for world PvP enthusiasts, the Spike-Toed Booterang.
      • Go beyond the dark portal on a flying mount to find three new rare elite Bleeding Hollow orcs that have a chance of dropping one of three new Crashin’ Thrashin’ toys.
      • Steelsnout should now be correctly immune to being trapped by Deadly Iron Trap.


      • Soar above the skies of Nagrand and explore the outdoors version of Highmaul and battle with three new rare elite ogres for a chance at one of three arcane-infused Manafiend battle pets.

Shadowmoon Valley

      • Weaponsmith Kaul should now be able to repair the player’s equipment.

Darkmoon Island

      • Darkmoon Rabbit should now correctly respect loot rules.


Toy Box

      • A Darkmoon Seesaw is now available from the Darkmoon Faire.
      • Cursed Feather of Ikzan has been added to the Toy Box.
      • Safari Hat has been added to the Toy Box.
      • Shard of Archstone has been added to the Toy Box.
      • Throbbing Blood Orb has been added to the Toy Box.


      • The maximum size of a mount is now capped at 150% of base size for cosmetic effects (up from 100%). Additionally, the minimum size of a mount is no longer capped.


      • Tooltips for items that have been empowered or created by Baleful tokens now have a Baleful and/or Empowered tag.
      • Baleful rings, neck trinkets, and cloaks should now always create an item that has Bonus Armor for Tanking loot specializations, and Spirit for Healing loot specializations.
      • Brazier of Awakening should no longer despawn at the end of a raid encounter without resurrecting a raid or party member.
      • Medallion of the Legion is now only usable on Draenor to ensure players receives the appropriate reputation bonus from having a Level 3 Trading Post.
      • Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent no longer has a reputation requirement with The August Celestials to learn.
      • Fixed an issue with Wild Gladiator’s Insignia of Dominance‘s tooltip.
      • Fixed an issue where Gladiator’s Accolade trinkets that gave a bonus to a secondary stat were incorrectly providing double the stated amount.



      • A new events coordinator can now be found in level 3 garrisons. Visit the coordinator during Hallow’s End or Feast of Winter Veil to obtain garrison decorations that are usable all year round!


      • Pallas’ Apex Predator trait should now correctly counter Aberrations or Furies on garrison missions.

Shipyard and Naval Missions

      • Ship equipment items now have “Naval Equipment” in the item tooltip, enabling it to be searchable through the bag search UI.
      • Fixed an issue where completing a naval mission at the Naval Command Table did not cause the Garrison Report icon to stop blinking.


      • Target marker icons have been disabled in public chat channels.
      • There is now an option to disable Adventure Guide alerts in the Interface options menu, under display settings.


      • A new achievement has been added for collecting 300 mounts, Lord of the Reins. Completing the achievement awards a mount, the Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent.
      • A new achievement has been added for collecting 200 toys, Crashin’ Thrashin’ Commander. Completing the achievement awards the title, “Crashin’ Thrashin’”.
      • Naval Mechanics: Credit for obtaining Equipment Blueprint: Blast Furnace should now be tracking properly and players should now be able to complete this achievement.

Racial Abilities

Blood Elf

      • Arcane Torrent now has a reduced cooldown of 1.5 minutes (down from 2 minutes).


      • Rocket Barrage now has a 1.5-minute cooldown (down from 2 minutes).
      • Rocket Jump now has a 1.5-minute cooldown (down from 2 minutes).


      • Hardiness now reduces the duration of Stun effects by an additional 20% (up from 15%).


      • Voodoo Shuffle now reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 20% (up from 15%).  Trolls still be flippin’ out mon!


      • War Stomp now has a reduced cooldown of 1.5 minutes (down from 2 minutes), and cast time is no longer increased by damage (via spell pushback).


      • Touch of the Grave now scales its damage based on 50% of the character’s Attack Power or Spell Power, whichever is greater.



      • General
        • Thrash in Cat Form now deals 10% more damage.
      • Feral
        • Rake now deals 20% more damage. In PvP combat, Rake now deals 20% less damage.
        • Rip now deals 20% more damage. In PvP combat, Rip now deals 20% less damage.


Please note that tooltip description for the following Monk abilities will be inaccurate. This will be corrected in a future patch.

      • General
        • Blackout Kick now deals 10% more damage.
        • Rising Sun Kick now deals 10% more damage.
        • Tiger Palm now deals 20% more damage.
      • Windwalker
        • Fists of Fury now deals 20% more damage.


      • Shadow
        • Devouring Plague now deals 10% more damage. In PvP combat, Devouring Plague now deals 10% less damage.
        • Mind Blast now deals 10% more damage. In PvP combat, Mind Blast now deals 10% less damage.
        • Mind Flay now deals 20% more damage.
        • Mind Spike now deals 10% more damage. In PvP combat, Mind Spike now deals 10% less damage.


      • General
        • Corruption now deals 10% less damage in PvP combat.
      • Affliction
        • Agony now deals 10% less damage in PvP combat.
        • Unstable Affliction now deals 10% less damage in PvP combat.


    • Protection
      • Devastate now deals 6% more damage.
      • Shield Slam now deals 6% more damage.
      • Revenge now deals 6% more damage.
    • Armor Sets
      • Tier-18 4-piece set bonus for Fury Warriors now reduces the cooldown of Recklessness by 30 seconds (up from 25 seconds).