World of Warcraft – 2017 Year in Review

World of Warcraft 2017 Year in Review

Blizzardwatch coverage

BlizzCon is still more than a month away, but that just means we’re getting hyped. Blizzard is helping out with that hype with the BlizzCon 2017 pre-show. Some of the videos are free for all to watch, while others require you to be a Virtual Ticket holder to see them. Please note this is a continuing feature — there are 22 videos up so far with more coming as we close in on BlizzCon.

First up is the Developer Q&A about their first BlizzCon experiences. It’s a fun video. Hearing Jeff Kaplan talking about how he was afraid no one was going to show up was pretty amusing. Apparently nobody was buying tickets until they put BlizzCon on the WoW launcher. The stories from the other devs were pretty great as well. And if you can’t count on Samwise to yell “For the Horde” at some point, what can you count on? – Blizzardwatch