Ruinous Firelands Raid

Ruinous’ Firelands Raid is Trash!

Oh crap, that didn’t come out right… what I meant to say is Ruinous is doing Fireland’s trash. Yeah, that’s it! Ah geez, let’s just see what’s in store for week 1 of Raiding in Ruinous.

The thing about Firelands trash is that it’s the key to handful of easily acquired powerful epics. No, really, they’re straight-up welfare. It appears that one man’s molten monstrosities, blazing arachnids, and spin-top tortoises are another man’s treasure… or perhaps I got that saying wrong. We also recently got our Dark Phoenix mounts by downing all the normal mode content from the last raid patch, and we’re looking to start mowing through Ragnaros’ Lair in the near future.


“Isn’t this a pvp guild…?” you ask. Mostly, I say, but in a three thousand member guild, turns out “mostly” still leaves us with more than a few raiders.

Here’s the scoop of it:

A month or so before the release of 4.2 in one of Ruinous’ guild meetings/stormwind bridge traffic-jams, Arkhaos expressed his interest in seeing the Ruinous name on the competitive raiding scene. So, he pulled out a fancy new “Raider” rank (the highest member rank below officers), assigned some class leaders, and started filling the Ruinous forums with all sorts of helpful pve information. Basically just a “have-to!” but it seemed to do the trick.

Turns out, not every Ruinous member bleeds pvp. There are a lot of folks that don’t dig the player vs. player action, and came here just through friends – like Mielia, a soft-spoken well-intentioned officer; other people have a very experienced history in raiding, but moved onto Ruinous for the grandiose world pvp – like Maximumpanda, who used to spend twelve hours a day in a top 100 raiding guild! By announcing the guild’s intentions to kill some internet dragons, Arkhaos enabled these members to find each other.

Now we have two very capable core raid groups. I lead one, and Maximumpanda leads the other. This should make for some healthy competition. Have at you in the Firelands!

Currently, Cataclysm has two raiding tiers. The first tier includes Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, and the Throne of the Four Winds. Courtesy of a collective effort from our two raid groups, this content is now on farm, and everyone in the guild can fly around on a badass purple phoenix. Go buy one!

The second raid tier, the Firelands, came out with 4.2, and it sports more powerful items, much more challenging content, and a sinister, alien battlefield on which we can wage war. There are a myriad of diverse encounters, from the multi-tiered Beth’tilak, who Blizzard says is composed of over one-hundred unique abilities, to the lumbering giant Lord Rhyolith, who must be steered around the battlefield by attacking his feet! Be sure to check them out in the dungeon journal if you want to know more!

Our two raid groups will begin to diligently work our way through this raid, but we’re just shy of being adequately equipped for it at this stage. A month or so of simultaneously pillaging the previous raid tier, and banging our heads against the new one should prove to have some exciting successes.

Be sure to cheer for us when we begin linking our spiffy new loots in guild chat upon downing of bosses. This upcoming week, my raid group has its sights set on Shannox and Beth’tilak, but until then…

Ruinous’ Firelands raid is trash!