Cataclysm PVP Update

wowscrnshot_012011_154657World of Warcraft really has not brought the type of PVP battles that other MMO’s have provided. Currently there is no incentive to participate in large scale world pvp. Unfortunately this has left an incredibly large player base stranded and funneled into instanced pvp battles. I think it would be in blizzards best interest to provided an environment that caters to this large player base. If blizzard created a reward system for open world pvp you would see an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the players.Almost every person I talk to in world of warcraft has dreams of the days past when there were these huge raid vs raid battles. The stories i hear about how “I used to kill everybody in Tauren Mill” are endless. Seems like everyone wants to do these types of battles in WOW, yet blizzards wants us to grind out in instances for server stability.

These are my personal suggestion for a reward system towards open world player vs player combat.

– Players receive marks/tokens per number of HK’s earned while nat participating in a raid group

– Create uninstanced realm vs realm zones

– Tiered reward system giving base stat increases and abilities where the player decides which abilities to purchase

– PVP objectives effecting the entire server. This will cause visibility and attention to perks gained or lost and create player value to this type of function

– Allow players from opposing factions to speak in broad chat but not in whispers. Bantering and rivalries make pvp games alot of fun.