Guild Wars 2: Beta Weekend Event 3 Review

Guild Wars 2 Final Beta Event Review

Director Maximumpanda introduces you to the Asura and Sylarvi and talks about why last weekend’s issues shouldn’t scare you away. Arenanet conducted technical changes, stress testing and adjusted zone caps in World versus World during the final beta weekend. The Arenanet team demonstrated their ability to quickly address problems and squash bugs.

We believe the Arenanet team still must conduct additional testing prior to launch to ensure that some of the lingering problems are addressed. Our guilds remain HIGHLY concerned with the limited player caps within the World versus World zones.

We hope that Arenanet will learn from Bioware and EA’s blunders in releasing unfinished and untested content.

  • World versus World Concerns
  • Low player zone caps.
  • Lack of ┬áinactivity timers to remove AFK players from WvW.
  • Inability to move from one WvW zone to another due to low player caps effectively trapping players in zones where little pvp is present.