World of Warcraft: Legion Review

Reviewing a MMORPG within the first few weeks of launch is a difficult task. World of Warcraft: Legion presents players with a vast array of new features and fundamental overhauls to many core game features. With so many classes and the addition of Demon Hunters, each with unique class order campaigns, providing a comprehensive review beyond superficial leveling impressions can be daunting.

Elder Scrolls Online : Alpha Review

The Elderscrolls Online early Alpha preview. Thankfully the Alpha indicates that Elderscrolls Online will not be a World of Warcraft clone. The trademark Bethesda concepts and freedom of character development and the traditional combat system.

Guild Wars 2: Beta Weekend Event 3 Review

Guild Wars 2 Final Beta Event Review Director Maximumpanda introduces you to the Asura and Sylarvi and talks about why last weekend’s issues shouldn’t scare you away. Arenanet conducted technical changes, stress testing and adjusted zone caps in World versus World during the final beta weekend. The Arenanet team demonstrated their ability to quickly address […]

Aika First Impressions

Rarely have I been intrigued with what’s come out of the free to play market. But this game has gotten such solid reviews, it’s definitely worth a good look. The graphics are detailed and the animations are superb – rivaling many of the new games we’ve seen in the past couple years.

Everquest Next and John Smedley

Sony has announced the creation of the next MMO in the Everquest series tentatively titled “Everquest Next”. While it looks promising, I have nothing but the highest confidence in John Smedley’s ability to take a good game and turn it into shit.