Guild Wars 2 Launch!

Launch Details

Guild Wars 2 Launches today, 24th August! Join us on teamspeak for launch server destination details!

The Guild Wars 2 launch is upon us! Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated MMO launches in years, Ruin Gaming has been preparing for World versus World accordingly! Our members participated extensively throughout the Guild Wars 2 beta. Our formidable performance in World versus World on the Fort Aspenwood server speaks for itself.

We have allied with competent guilds based upon their proven performance in World versus World. We are confident that together we will continue to build upon Ruin Gaming’s strong reputation asthe dominant large scale pvp organization and continue to achieve victory in the Mists!

Join Ruin Gaming for World versus World in the Mists!

Click on the “read more” link for the Pre-Launch Checklist for Ruin members. Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers and voice communication information!

Pre-Launch Checklist

Update your Guild Wars 2 client!


Register on our new Teamspeak! Sponsored by our partners at Typefrag and Teamspeak!

Teamspeak Server Address:
Password Ruinous
Teamspeak 3 Download:

Perform computer driver updates and maintenance:

Nvidia drivers page:

Nvidia has released updated drivers specifically for Guild Wars 2. Please take the time to install them they will provide you with noticeable performance improvements.

AMD drivers page: