Guild Wars 2 Launch

Guild Wars 2 Launch

The highly anticipated launch of Guild Wars 2 is finally upon us. Arenanet has produced one of the best MMO offerings in years. In a gaming genre that has increasingly offered less and less ambitious wow clones Arenanet has returned to the drawing board and re-defined what a massive multi-player game is.

Explaining what distinguishes Guild Wars from other mmorpg launches is no easy task. The differences are fundamental in approach and execution. Guild Wars 2 is not a traditional “theme park” mmorpg that is inherently unchanging and static regardless of player’s actions. Guild Wars 2 offers a massive persistent world focused on massive, inclusive “dynamic world events” reminiscent of Warhammer Online’s public quest system. Arenanet wants to encourages large communities and entire servers to cooperate towards common goals and to participate in events that will often have permanent effects on the world around you.

Joining Ruin Gaming in Guild Wars 2!

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Why you should play Guild Wars 2:

Executive summary:

  • World Versus World!
  • Dynamic World Events!
  • Level playing field!
  • Arena and structured pvp tournaments!
  • Huge immersive world!
  • Highly polished production values!

World Versus World

The Mists, Arenanet’s vision for massive world pvp pits three entire servers against one another across four maps in two week long contests. Brutally devastating siege equipment and destructible battlefield objectives, towers, keeps and castles dominate expansive pvp maps. Massive battles between hundreds of players offer both large scale strategic play and the opportunity for small tactical groups to contribute through harassing smaller objectives and utilizing the equalizing power of siege equipment to humble even the largest armies with their firepower.

Story & Dynamic Events 

Arenanet has built a living breathing persistent world in which events such as invasions and fighting between NPC factions occur all around you. Arenanet has done everything it can to diverge from the “themepark” mmorpg model. They have re-envisioned the questing and grouping mechanics from earlier games. Guild Wars 2 offers a massive changing world where events between npc factions play around you. Your decisions and activity determine the outcome

Unique world events challenge entire server communities to overcome challenges for rewards.

Gone are the days of linear quest lines that require you to complete specific events in one area in order to play elsewhere. Guild Wars 2 grants players the freedom to experience and progress through their game in a manner of their choosing.