God Save the Queen

Ruin Gaming has moved our primary World Versus World operations to Europe.

Ruin Gaming has deployed to the primary United Kingdom English language server Desolation EU. We welcome our new international Allies and look forward to fighting alongside them in Guild Wars 2 and future games.

Ruin Gaming has expanded to Europe.

As an organization Ruin Gaming must always put entertaining and challenging our members above all other considerations. The European World versus World bracket has already proven itself as more challenging, more rewarding and ultimately more fun. Our allies are well organized and committed our adversaries are unrelenting and tenacious. None of the needless elitism and tabloid drama that characterized the North American servers is present in Europe.

With the collapse of the top ranked North American World Versus World servers the NA WvW brackets are in free fall. Ruin Gaming in Guild Wars 2 organized with a specific World Versus World focus aimed at challenging Titan Alliance and other major pvp organizations. Unfortunately those Alliances did not survive the “pre-season” of one week matches and have ceased operations or disbanded. The resulting power vacuum has severely disrupted any serious NA World Versus World competition as top tier server’s rankings are re-adjusted.

The Ruin Gaming member base and leadership have been frankly disappointed by the North American bracket. Most matches are decided within the first two days of fighting after which any serious fighting ceases. European servers, organized by language, region and nationality have proven themselves as a much more stable alternative to their North American counterparts. French, German and English servers rarely cease fighting regardless of point score.

European Servers have proven to be:

  • More challenging.
  • Better organized.
  • Do not quit fighting regardless of point score.
  • Have far more top tier viable servers.