Resident Evil 6 : Creatures – What We Know So Far #6

Resident Evil 6 – Creatures – What We Know So Far #6

Yong discusses the story line of Resident Evil 6 and the major adversaries, monsters and creatures that you will face. Yes, there will be many new types of Zombies. Smarter, faster and enhanced by the T Virus. Big zombies, small zombies, screaming zombies, animal zombies and a new focus on mutated zombies of various types. Enhanced and intelligent zombies are able to coordinate and use weapons. Stay tuned for additional information on Resident Evil 6 as Yong coveres Gamescon!

Resident Evil 6 is yet another entry in the popular series. Ten years have passed since the Raccoon City incident, and players for the first time will be put in the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield in the same game. They must once again unravel the plots of bio-terorrism and fight to survive.



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