Wintergrasp is back!

The members of Ruin Gaming have always loved Wintergrasp, the largest existing pvp zone in World of Warcraft. Supporting up to 120 versus 120 battles between Alliance and Horde and featuring destructible walls, turrets and player piloted siege vehicles, Wintergrasp is easily the most technically ambitious pvp match Blizzard has ever created.

Ruin is now in the process of bringing Wintergrasp back now that it has been updated to level 90.

The Kil’Jaeden server has long been known as one of the major “World PvP” servers in World of Warcraft. Frequent large scale battles in Alliance and Horde cities and out in the world have brought an entirely new dimension to pvp. Ruin Gaming would like to help to rebuild the Kil’Jaeden server into the pvp destination server that it once was. Offering the full spectrum of pvp to members of the Kil’Jaeden community is the best way for us to contribute. Beyond rated battlegrounds and arenas World of Warcraft has so much more to offer.

Horde, we’ll be waiting for you out on the field! Good luck.