SWTOR: Galactic Reputation System

Game Update 1.7 Developer Blog: Galactic Reputation

Game Update 1.7 will introduce Galactic Reputation to all players. This is a new way for your character to advance in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. In a time of widespread conflict and political strife, disparate organizations throughout the galaxy seek allies in the struggle for peace… or conquest. Reputation measures how your character is perceived by these organizations it reflects the prestige you’ve earned through your heroic contributions to each cause.

The Reputation track for each organization is divided into six ranks – Outsider, Newcomer, Friend, Hero, Champion, and Legend. You will start with no rank at all, but as you earn Reputation Points, your rank will increase. When you’ve earned the top rank in a particular organization (i.e. Legend), you will no longer earn Reputation Points with that particular organization. You will have become a living legend among those represented by that organization; an avatar of their cause.

As your Reputation Rank increases, new rewards will become available to you. Throughout the galaxy, you will find Reputation Vendors associated with each organization. Special rewards with Reputation Rank requirements can be purchased from these vendors. Items and equipment with a Reputation Rank requirement can only be purchased, used, or equipped if you meet or exceed the rank requirement.

Legacy Titles

When you achieve specific Reputation Ranks, you will earn a new type of reward called a Legacy Title. Legacy Titles are a new kind of title that is displayed beneath your character’s name, in place of your Legacy surname title (e.g. “The Skywalker Legacy”). For example, by achieving Friend rank with The Voss, you will unlock the Legacy Title, “Honored Voss-Friend.” Unlockable Legacy Titles are displayed in the Galactic Reputation tab of your Legacy window.

A Legacy of Heroism

A key feature of Galactic Reputation is the fact that it is bound to your Legacy instead of your character. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, the consequences of your character’s actions can span generations, and heroism is hereditary. This means that all Reputation Points and ranks that you earn are shared across your entire Legacy, and all characters in your Legacy contribute Reputation Points to the same shared pool. Once you’ve unlocked rewards or titles, all characters in your Legacy will have access to them.

Reputation and the Galactic War

Certain organizations represent one side of a two-sided conflict in the Galactic War. For example, the “Republic Hyperspace Armada” represents the Republic’s war effort in space, whereas the “Imperial First Mobile Fleet” represents the Imperial opposition in the same conflict. The Reputation track for these two conflicts is shared, even though the Republic and the Empire have competing goals. A Republic character advancing his rank with the “Republic Hyperspace Armada” indirectly advances the rank of Imperial characters in his Legacy with the “Imperial First Mobile Fleet.”

Your Reputation Rank measures the impact that characters in your Legacy have had on the conflict – even if they were on the opposite side of the war. You will never lose Reputation Points by aiding one side of the conflict – you will only increase the notoriety and political significance of your Legacy in the conflicts to come.

Earning Reputation Points

Reputation is earned by collecting a new kind of item called a Reputation Trophy. Reputation Trophies are consumable items that grant a small, medium, or large amount of Reputation Points when consumed. The amount of points granted by a Reputation Trophy is indicated by the quality of the item – Premium (small), Prototype (medium), or Artifact (large). Every Reputation Trophy is tied to a specific organization. For example, to increase your standing with The Voss, you can collect Gormak Power Cells, which are rewards for completing Heroic Missions on Voss.

The amount of Reputation Points you can earn with each organization is limited by a weekly cap which provides a natural endpoint for your Reputation Trophy collection each week. You can still acquire Reputation Trophies after you hit your weekly cap, but you will not be able to consume additional Reputation Trophies for points until your cap is reset. If consuming a Reputation Trophy would put you over your weekly cap, you will still be granted the full amount of points from that Reputation Trophy. Weekly caps are specific to each organization, so even if you hit your weekly cap with one organization, you can continue earning points with others.

Subscriber Bonus

You can earn additional Reputation Points each time you consume a Reputation Trophy if you have a Reputation Bonus in effect. All Subscribers get a natural +50% bonus to all Reputation Points earned. This value is displayed in the Galactic Reputation tab of the Legacy window.

Reputations in Game Update 1.7

Game Update 1.7 will launch with four organizations represented in the Galactic Reputation system:

The Voss
[WEEKLY] Defending Voss-Ka

Voss Heroic Missions

The Gree Enclave
“Relics of the Gree” Event Missions

“Relics of the Gree: Event Bosses

Republic Fifth Assault Battalion
[WEEKLY] Section X Crisis

Republic Hyperspace Armada Hard Mode Space Missions

Section X Missions

Imperial First Mobile Fleet Hard Mode Space Missions

Imperial Guard on Belsavis
[WEEKLY] Section X Crisis

Section X Missions

And that’s our new Reputation System in a nutshell. Players can look forward to us adding more Reputation organizations in the future that will include new and familiar locations!

Jesse Sky
Lead Flashpoints and Operations Designer