Ruinous Invasion – February 9th 2013

Never forget the 9th of February!

The Horde dedicated a video commemorating the tragic loss of life of so many Horde patriots during the Ruin liberation campaign.

The Alliance war machine has never been more powerful. Ruin forces assisted by allies from our entire Battlegroup raised over six raid groups for operations targeting all Horde population centers. We do not relish the brutal realities of open world pvp and offer our sincere apologies for any disruption that are an unfortunate but inevitable side effect of Alliance operations.

We honor the tens of thousands of Horde casualties and regret the unfortunate but unavoidable loss of innocent Horde civilians caught in the brutal crossfire.

Horde Rage At All Time High

Many Horde on the Kil’Jaeden server have not taken the shift in the balance of power gracefully. In the case of this forty boxing Horde player having over one hundred active accounts and spending over $10,000 dollars a year in subscription fees have failed to bring victory.

We caution that the following image contains extreme vulgarity and should not be viewed by anyone.

And as always remember World of Warcraft is just a game, meant for entertainment. We sincerely ask that all Horde remember that the Kil’Jaeden server is a PvP server and that world pvp is voluntary. Don’t allow pvp to anger you and create an unhealthy environment.