Heart of the Swarm

Ruin Gaming guild meeting 12th February 2013

Ruin State of the Union address: 

Ruin has mobilized its war machine in preparation for patch 5.2 scheduled for launch as early as March 5th. Expect more guild events, give-aways and premium gaming coverage. As always Ruin Gaming has made every effort to reduce Horde casualties during this period of transition.


Ruin Gaming will host an event for Blizzcon 2013. We expect to have a repeat of our 2011 guild meet up followed by our Disneyland event.

World of Warcraft

Ruin Gaming will continue to provide access to all interested members to progression content:

Three additional rated battleground teams have been formed. Schedules are posted on the guild calendar.

Additional raid groups have been formed for 5.2 pve progression. Schedules are posted on the guild calendar.

Guild Wars 2

March World v World patch. New guild perk system and World versus World updates.

I wanted to quickly give an update on where we stand with upcoming releases for WvW to help give a sense of where we’re at, and set expectations for the coming months. We’re in the midst of finalizing our February release, which I know had been discussed as a potentially large month for WvW additions.


Guild Event: Orgrimmar Heart of the Swarm

Heroic Alliance patriots prepare for a peacekeeping mission deep within Horde territory.

On behalf of a grateful Alliance Ruin thanks all of those who have served in the Democratization campaign code named “Overlord”.

Footage from within Orgrimmar

Keep Calm and Carry On

Ruin brings Freedom to the Horde! Ongoing democratization efforts have been undertaken by the armed forces of the Alliance. Ruin remains at the vanguard of this patriotic effort. We urge all Horde to remain calm during this period of transition. We ask all residents of Orgrimmar to report to their designated Ruin processing centers for voter registration. Each center is conveniently located within the commercial districts of each Horde city.

Depending on the security situation within Orgrimmar elections may be held as early as March to provide Horde with an opportunity for ordinary Horde citizens to conduct a referendum on Garrosh Hellscream’s policies and form of Government.

Candidates For New Horde Leadership

Lor’themar Theron
Overlord Runthak
Baine Bloodhoof
Sylvanas Windrunner


Night time curfews will remain in effect for all Horde cities until security is restored. Report any suspicious activity to Ruin authorities. Rewards are available through neutral auction house transaction for information leading to the capture of Horde militant leadership.