Black Desert Online

Margoria Expansion

Set sail in the open ocean!

Black Desert Online is present in force at this year’s GamesCom. Compete against other players for cool prizes during our stage shows or try out the new Awakening weapons at one of the 82 high end PCs. Developer interviews with Pearl Abyss will show you an exclusive look behind the scenes and we will tease upcoming content such as the spectacular Margoria Expansion. Furthermore, we will have amazing goodies for everyone that stops by our booth in hall 10.1 AB 060

Goals and Objectives:

RUIN is focused on Node Warfare in the Mediah territory:

BDO is a marathon not a sprint. Here in Ruin Gaming we understand the big picture when it comes to Black Desert progression. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was any top tier guild in BDO. Our primary objective is to establish a solid community of passionate like-minded players who want to be a part of something greater. We want all of our members to feel like they can contribute in someway. If the game seems overwhelming at first, don’t worry, we all were there at one point. What’s more, our BDO branch has experienced and knowledgeable players who can guide you and answer questions about every aspect of the  game. We are always in need of  individuals who are interested in guild missions. Let’s make history!

  1. Short Term Goals  (1-2 Months)
    • 50 Active members who log in daily and participate in guild activities.
    • Get all members to level 56.
  2. Medium Term Goals (3-4 Months)
    • Obtain all combat guild perks.
    • Increase guild capacity to 75 active members.
    • All members have at least a 350+ GS.
    • Compete in T1 Node Wars.
  3. Long Term Goals (6 months +)
    • Obtain a guild house.
    • Complete guild battleship (Galley).
    • Increase guild capacity to 100 active members.
    • Core pvpers have at least a 450+ GS.
    • Compete in T2 – T3 Node Wars.

Kamasylvia Sneak Peak

Homeland of the elves!

Beginning introduction to gameplay:

End game pvp

Current Activity

We are currently building our roster to our current maximum of 45, which we are nearly at and can be upgraded by doing guild missions to a maximum of 100 total, which we are also getting done at an interval at 6pm PST to perform a medium mission, and by choice of the members, getting small missions done throughout the day by 2pm pst to finish off the rest.