What is Star Citizen?

Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts explains his vision:

Get to know Star Citizen, a game unlike any other. In this informative video, Game Director Chris Roberts walks you through his ambitious and groundbreaking vision. You’ll learn about the many game modes that form its foundation and come to understand the game’s ultimate goals.

Star Citizen is an upcoming massively multiplayer, space trading and combat computer game for Microsoft Windows and Linux. The development includes a single-player campaign titled Squadron 42. Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are produced by Chris Roberts’ company Cloud Imperium Games and its European counterpart Foundry 42 and marketed under the Cloud Imperium Games subsidiary Roberts Space Industries. The games are built on Amazon Lumberyard.

This is a longer winded player  explanation that covers the depth of it quite well with some gameplay.

Current Activity

Star Citizen is currently in Alpha. It will likely release in late 2018. RUIN is conducting play testing in order to prepare for launch. Selecting capable members for leadership roles and completion of objectives for launch.

Scope and Scale

Procedural Planetary Generation

Alpha 3.0 Demo


Walking through all the ships in the open “Verse”.

If you are looking for a ship with LTI (life time insurance, which is a minor perk but may become rare and collectible) contact RUIN Administrator Morefiend. He has set aside over 100 low cost ships you can buy from me and upgrade from in order to get any ship you wish with LTI. First come first serve. Upgrades must be done before launch.

Goals and Objectives:

RUIN has amassed a massive fleet of ships in The Star Citizen universe as it progresses through early Alpha. What we will need is pilots, ship hands, FPS fighters, miners, explorers, and many more roles. We intend to have a healthy infrastructure that is filled with people able to competently lead us into this bold new universe.

What we need and where you may fit in:


RUIN needs you! Players willing to learn to function as a group in a militaristic hierarchical system. Efficiency will be key in battle when it matters most. Players willing to drill and be effectively an online SEAL in the way they operate will have immense impact on our organisation’s capability to conquer and control areas of space and resources.

Active Gamers

RUIN is built around extremely active, dedicated members. Large player bases with the activity levels needed to sustain the guild is a core necessity. This will have a diverse array of possibilities, giving you a wide opportunity to try many facets of gameplay.

Casual Players

We will have many casual player who will have opportunities to fill in as needed. There will be such a diverse set of play styles available you’ll have your hands full trying to get your fill of all there is to offer.

If you would like to discuss STAR CITIZEN contact guild leadership on voice communications. We have many plans going into play to coincide with the Alpha release schedule!