Pandaria: City Defender

Ruin crushes yet another attack on Alliance cities on the Kil’Jaeden server. Following several weeks of heavy fighting Horde raids have become predictable. Ruin has laid ambushes to catch these large multi-raid forces off guard and destroy them. Post patch 5.3 there have been some fundamental changes to World PvP, mainly that raiding gear is more effective in PvP due to the resilience standardization across characters.

Weekly Guild Meeting

Tuesday June 4th.

Darkfall: Ruin remains active in Darkfall and will be constructing the Fighter’s guild structure in our Guild City this evening.

Industry News

E3 begins on June 11th. Despite critism of growing irrelevance E3 remains a major gaming entertainment event offering exclusive information on upcoming games.

This article from the Guardian provides additional coverage and what to expect.

Next week the entire games industry is making its annual pilgrimage to Los Angeles for the gargantuan E3 conference. This year’s event should be the most exciting in some time, with two next generation consoles to show off (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, of course) as well as some fascinating new game releases. Here are 20 titles that we expect to take up a huge amount of space on that crowded show floor. As this is a gallery, we’ve only gone for titles that have screenshots available – so potential smashes such DriveClub, Titan and Halo V are missing. But from the latest military blasters to the cutest strategy titles, there’s plenty here to get gamers enthused