Rift Update

2011-2-15_11306Following Rift’s extremely smooth initial launch the pvp is now heating up as more characters progress into the higher level ranges.  Over this last weekend several pvp invasions were executed by some of the larger guilds on our server. In all cases the defending factions were able to repel these initial probes without too much difficulty.

Our server of Briarcliff hosts several prominent world pvp guilds and true to form them have already made several attempts to occupy cities and establish zone control. Open world pvp often involves substantial, server stressing numbers of players.  One of the major concerns for those who enjoy this style of game play has been the ability of game clients and game servers to handle the stress.   So far, pvp has been stable and responsive.  The general consensus has been that the Rift engine has been able to support a few hundred players without substantial technical problems or server lag.

Those participating in the larger late game raid encounters also report smooth encounters with few if any problems.  This is welcome news for all those who experienced the enormous technical hurdles that plagued Age of Conan, Aion and Warhammer Online.  Hopefully Trion will continue to maintain this level of stable game play that subscribers have come to expect.