Skyrim: Crafting!

Crafting in Skyrim – What We Know So Far!

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Skyrim is the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series created by Bethesda Game Studios and one of the most highly anticipated RPGs of all time. In this game, players will be thrown into the world of Skyrim in the shoes of Dovahkiin, which means “Dragonborn” in the dragon language. Players must venture forth in a quest to grow as a character and discover why the dragons have returned and stop them before they consume the world.

This is the sixth of eight videos of the What We Know So Far series for Skyrim. This video will cover the three main crafting systems in Skyrim. In this new Elder Scrolls game, there is one crafting system for each archetype: Smithing for warriors, Enchanting for mages, and Alchemy for thieves. After watching this video, you will have a good idea of what to expect of Skyrim’s new and improved systems. I will also briefly talk about Speechcraft and about the basics of how you can use speech to persuade or intimidate people. Enjoy the video.

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