Skyrim: October News Update!

October News Update for Skyrim – What We Know So Far!

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Skyrim is the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series created by Bethesda Game Studios and one of the most highly anticipated RPGs of all time. In this game, players will be thrown into the world of Skyrim in the shoes of Dovahkiin, which means “Dragonborn” in the dragon language. Players must venture forth in a quest to grow as a character and discover why the dragons have returned and stop them before they consume the world.

This is a news update that I decided to add due to the amount of new information that has been released during the creation of this series. I will be sharing news that come from Bethesda VP Pete Hines as well as news from previews and hands on experiences from various articles. It’s tons of new and great information I will be sharing in this video, so you’ll be pleased after you finish watching.

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