Machinima Realm: 9/6/11 (Kicked Out Of Our Office!!! Endermen!

Machinima Realm – 9/6/11 (Kicked Out Of Our Office!!! Endermen! Ruinous! Hentai!)

Ruin Gaming features on Machinima Realm with our Star Wars: The Old Republic web series, the Domocron. The first SWTOR film featured on Realm.  Though we are their arch enemies in game, out of game we share the same passion for all things dork out of game. As always Ruin Gaming looks forward to pitilessly camping the realm team in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Realm finally goes too far this time and gets themselves thrown out of their cushy office by their endless need to goof off. Witness the events that led up to Realm’s banishment to General Population!! Also we have some terrific stuff to watch including Runescape, ChimneySwift’s Endermen video, some Daramactire PWNAGE and more more MORE! Watch it in the comfort of YOUR office until you get in trouble too. 🙁