SWTOR: Weekly News – Beta Weekend, Ilum, Fan Site Summit

SWTOR Weekly News

Awal presents this Week’s SWTOR News In A 15 Minute Video! BOOM SUCKA! Weekend Beta information explained. Additional information on Ilum, the Bioware fan summit and other updates.

Ilum World PvP zone update

Ilum is the massive multi-player pvp zone in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This critical “pvp lake” provides the following content for the Republic and Empire to wage war over:

  • Two bases and five battlefield objectives that can be captured and controlled.
  • Deploy points for Walkers.
  • Rare crafting resources.
  • Holds hundreds of players.
  • 24 player per raid group .
  • Daily quests.
  • Victory buff: Valor buff for your faction in all forms of pvp

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Friday Update: Biggest Beta Weekend — You’re All Invited! Plus DreamHack

Blue Milk & Cereal: There Is A Beta. Are You In It?

Bonus Update: Choose Your Side: Trooper Vs. Inquisitor!

Fan Site Summit: Ilum Open World PvP Detailed

Fan Site Summit: Gabe Amatangelo Q&A (Audio)

Fan Site Summit 2: Gabe Amatangelo Q&A

Fan Site Summit: Photo Gallery

The Art And Making Of Star Wars: The Old Republic Now Available

European Fan Site Summit Up Next!

EU General Game Testing Invites Going Out

Star Wars: The Old Republic Explorer’s Guide Available For Pre-Order