Maximum Guides Hard Mode Annihilation Droid XRR-3

Ruin Gaming presents Maximum Guides, SWTOR PVE Operation commentary and walkthroughs.

Maximumpanda presents his first video in a series detailing the boss mechanics of starwars: the old republic encounters. please feel free to leave comments and critisisms as im still learning and working. sorry for the huge box in the corner, had to cover up my webcam as my fraps footage was corrupted and i have to take the footage off my stream


Hello everyone,

Maximumpanda from Ruin Gaming here with our first video on how to successfully defeat hard mode annihilator droid xrr-3

This encounter requires 1 tank 2 healers and 5 dps.

Ranged dps like commandos with high survivability cooldowns make then encounter’s enrage a great deal easier to work with.

The boss has 1 million 670 thousand 9 hundred and 64 health with a 6 minute enrage timer.

The boss also has 5 abilities that he casts:

  • Firstly annihilator droid does a frontal AOE swipe to anyone in melee ranged called overwhelming swipe, this swipe not only does damage but also knocks anyone hit 30 yards back.
  • He will also randomly target a raid member and hit them for roughly 5 thousand hp.
  • At 92% 72% and 38% annihilator will cast missle salvo, this lasts for 20 seconds and hit all raid members within line of sight of the boss.
  • After the first missle salvo he will begin casting additional abilities
  • After the 92% salvo he will start targeting a raid member with a large red missle indicator, this does massive damage to the target and has a nasty habit of killing the target if they aren’t at 100% health
  • After the 72% salvo he will start casting firestorm, this launches missles into the air that land where raid members were standing, you have roughly 3 seconds to move from the targeted area which is fairly simple as the area is very small
  • He will also begin to cast shockwave which does minor aoe damage to anyone within melee range
  • At 8% annihilator will begin to cast his final missle salvo, but instead of lasting 20 seconds it goes until he dies. this is where survivability cooldowns become mandatory. it is better if healers stand LOS of the boss and chain heal the ranged.
  • this phase becomes more complicated if the boss enrages as each missle hit will 1 shot anyone who gets hit by them
  • That is all you need to know to kill hardmode annihilator.

I’ve attached the full kill video so you can see the entire fight.

Thanks for watching and look out of more videos coming soon!