Sisters of Carnage Update

Sisters of Carnage Update: Now Live

Source: Bioware

Rally your team for CARNAGE as the next Operation battle arrives in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Sisters of Carnage! Prepare to face off against the legendary superweapons, Aivela and Esne. Build your elite team of eight or sixteen players and wage war against these twin-sister droids to determine the fate of the galaxy!

Manaan Retreat Stronghold Trailer

Watch the new ‘Manaan Retreat’ trailer – make your home on a beautiful ocean-side estate and unwind on the legendary water-world of Manaan!

Unwind on the legendary planet of Manaan in your new ‘Manaan Retreat’ Stronghold, now live in STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Sisters of Carnage update! Call this water-world your home and personalize a sprawling ocean-side estate, complete with panoramic vistas and exotic submarine sights.

To unlock your new home, travel to the Fleet, then locate the Strongholds/Crew Skills area. Then, upgrade your pad with the Deepwater Essentials Bundle, a collection of Manaan-themed Decorations available on the Cartel Market!

‘Sisters of Carnage’ also introduces exciting a new Operation boss battle against twin superweapons, new Companion

Customizations for Lana Beniko and Koth Vortena, plus combat updates for Sith Inquisitors, Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, and more!