Legion World Quests and You

Legion World Quests

World of Warcraft: Legion introduces a new system for level 110 players – World Quests. Similar to Diablo III’s Adventure Mode, offering bounties and rewards across different zones.
The objective of the World Quest system is to provide incentives for players to explore, fight and progress their characters out in the new zones of the Broken Isles.

This new system represents a major change from how player characters used to make regular progression daily or weekly. In Legion, you’ll find the war against the Legion taking place on multiple fronts all over the Broken Isles, and a wide variety of World Quest options available to you from professions to PvP to story-driven tasks, and more. – Blizzard Entertainment

How to Begin

Upon reaching level 110 Khadgar will offer the “Uniting the Isles” quest. This quest encourages players to complete any remaining quest lines in the five new zones of the Broken Isles and reach friendly with their associated reputations. Upon completion players will receive the Flight Master’s Whistle, an item that allows players to recall to the nearest flight path once used. This item greatly reduces travel time between often distant World Quest objectives.


World of Warcraft: Legion has made increasing player activity and interaction on the Broken Isles a priority. More relevant world objectives then ever before, allowing characters to progress their characters at maximum level outside of traditional raids, dungeons and rated pvp. In many respects World of Warcraft has focused on becoming both a stronger core role playing game while encouraging the massive multiplayer interactions that are fundamental to its past history of success through the World Quest system.

Plans for additional expansion of the World Quest system as well as zone wide events previewed during the Legion pre-launch invasion are hopefully in the works. Allowing for realm wide, massive player events culminating in challenging encounters and associated rewards!

Additional information on the World Quest system, rewards and available scenarios from Blizzard: World Quests and You!