World of Warcraft: Legion World Quest System

Legion World Quests and you!

World of Warcraft: Legion introduces the World Quest System. The World Quest system offers world quest objectives similar to Adventure Mode bounties from Diablo III. World quests provide a variety of rewards that scales with the player’s level of progression. Completing World Quests for different factions also provide a bounty chest which typically have greater rewards and a potential for Legendary items to drop!

Blizzard has also released an app to make World Quests easier to find and complete:

The Legion World Quest App allows players to interact with the new outdoor World Quest system, quickly identify valuable rewards and quest objectives as well as sending Order hall followers to complete missions from your mobile device!

Legion World Quest App

World Quests are visible on the map as exclamation point markers, more difficult objectives have a golden dragon icon surrounding them indicating group content. World player versus player (PvP) objectives have crossed swords icons and consist of towers that can be captured by the Horde and Alliance and free for all objective areas in which players fight to obtain rewards.

World Quest

Warlords of Draenor, the expansion prior to Legion was criticized due to a lack of compelling content for players to complete on a daily basis. The Garrison player housing system was one of the primary reasons for this. Rather than venturing out to interact with the world, players could assign Garrison followers to complete missions for them instead. As a result many players simply remained in their Garrisons, using the group finder system to create parties for raids, dungeons and pvp progression. Warlords zone were often devoid of all but a few players leveling. A massive multiplayer game should never feel sparsely populated. Social interaction and competition between players is fundamental to the success of any MMORPG.

The World Quest system is designed to bring players out into the world. Dynamic rewards and constantly changing objectives keep the experience interesting and challenging. On PvP realms open world fighting is constant.

There are hundreds of World Quests available within the Broken Isles, so you won’t be seeing too many of the same World Quests anytime soon. You will want to keep your eyes on short World Quest chains called Emissary Quests, which reward you with a valuable satchel when you complete them. Each day, a new Emissary Quest chain will become available, and you can have up to three Emissaries at the same time. These will be displayed at the bottom left corner of your map and will show additional information on the requirements for each when you click on them. – Blizzard

This has greatly increased player activity in all of the new Legion zones. Each flight path and town is now full of players moving to and from objectives. On PvP realms Horde and Alliance players and rival guilds inevitably come into conflict. Massive battles have been fought as a result of escalation between rival players and guilds over seemingly innocuous quest objectives.

Legion encourages players to quest, fight and profit out in the world like never before. The results have been spectacular, an endless variety of objectives and scaling levels of difficulty make the Broken Isles challenging, rewarding and very dangerous – particularly on highly populated PvP realms. As a veteran of vanilla World of Warcraft I have not seen fighting as constant and

With so many World Quests available keeping track of the different rewards can be difficult, luckily there have been several World Quest related addons released on Curse.

Ruin recommends the World Quest List addon to keep track of objectives and rewards!

World Quest List – Curse