Battlefield 3 Review

Battlefield 3 Review: Rating Out of 10

Production Value: 9

The Battlefield 3 video footage provided speaks for itself.  Few games can match Battlefield in terms of level of realism, immersion and graphical polish. Easily the most intense first person shooter I have ever experienced.

The clear focus of Battlefield lies in online play. The single player experience exists primarily to act as eye candy. The plot of Battlefield is fairly cliche, Russians, Terrorists and stolen nuclear weapons, clearly designed to keep the focused on the frostbite engine, which is the real star.

Online multiplayer and co-op are the true focus of Battlefield. The tried and true class system, rewards and upgrades provide countless hours of re-play. The choice to launch Battlefield 3 through your web browsers enhances the ability of online-communities to organize and play. The Platoon System and friend finder allows for players to form groups, choose favored game play types and enjoy themselves without allowing a clunky graphical interface to get in the way.

Graphics: 9.5 

The Frostbite 2 engine stands out as a truly next generation platform. There are few games on the market today that can match Battlefield in terms of sheer graphical horsepower.

Sound: 9.5 

Crisp clear. You will find no recycled sound effects here. Every bullet, explosion, vehicle and area will have its own unique sounds. Few games show this degree of attention to audio detail.

Single Player: 7

Th single player campaign mode for Battlefield 3, though graphically stunning, leaves much to be desired. The characters are little better than cliche military stereotypes playing out a tremendously cliche plot. Nuclear weapons, terrorists, find them, kill them and then go play online with your friends. In many respects the single player exists simply as a training course for online play.

Multi Player: 9.5

The multiplayer launcher invokes Facebook, which has had mixed feedback from our player-base. The interface is simple, works well and makes it easy for friends to connect, form groups and get to the hard work of online warfare.

Replay Value: 9

Though the single player leaves something to be desired, offering at best between seven and ten hours of content. The true focus of Battlefield 3 remains online progression. There are literally thousands of hours worth of class leveling required to maximize your full potential. Mastery of each class and play style will take true dedication and natural ability to perfect.

Overall (not an average) 9.5 Excellent

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