The Alliance Strikes Back

Operation Shieldwall

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria patch 5.1 has launched with major player versus player improvements including the introduction of “World pvp objectives” in the Krasarang Wilds as part of Operation Shieldwall. Tol Barad and Wintergrasp, old favorites for Ruin veterans have been updated to level 90.

Ruin has taken full advantage of Mists of Pandaria’s world pvp update. We have rebuilt our presence on the Kil’Jaeden realm and have begun the process of returning the Alliance faction to its former glory. Ruin welcomes our new and returning members and looks forward to fully experiencing everything that Mists has to offer. Ruin will continue to provide unique player driven content to our members in addition to the full range of traditional Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas and Raid content.

Guide to Operation Shieldwall

Ruin members have been highly active throughout patch 5.1 all new members are expected to complete the Operation Shieldwall questline and are encouraged to take full advantage of the new dailies and rewards they offer.


Upon our return to Kil’Jaeden Ruin encountered a demoralized and beaten Alliance faction. The Horde ran unchallenged through Alliance cities. In addition to the usual Horde pvp guilds a “40 boxer” character, someone using bot programs to control 39 additional characters was routinely harassing auction houses, banks and inns. Ruin proposed public humiliation as a solution for this nuisance. After several weeks of camping and killing this multiboxer we were able to “capture” his main character and parade him through the streets of Stormwind as part of a public spectacle. Laughs were had by all. Apparently spending nearly seven thousand dollars a year on 40 accounts is still no match for good friends, teamwork and communication.

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